Bathroom Remodeling


    Bathroom Remodel

    At ESE Queens Bathroom Remodeling, we know that your home is your most important and personal investment. And one of the most used rooms in your home is your bathroom.

    For several years now, ESE Queens Bathroom Remodeling has been one of the best rated bathroom remodeling companies because of our commitment to customer service, exceeding customer expectations and delivering the most innovative Queens bathroom remodeling.

    And we don’t plan on stopping yet. Our bathroom remodeling contractors still have hundreds of bathroom remodeling ideas to share with you to get you inspired about your new, improved and ultimate bathroom space.

    Bathroom Remodeling

    So if you’re looking for a Queens bathroom remodeling, you can stop searching for bathroom remodeling companies near me. Remodeling bathrooms is what we do best. In fact, if bathroom remodel Queens NY was a subject in school, we’d easily secure an A+ grade every time.

    Before we go any further, we want to clarify the difference between a Queens bathroom remodeling and a Queens bathroom renovation.

    Of the two options, a bathroom remodeling Queens is definitely the bigger project of the two. Remodel a bathroom project is when our bathroom remodeling contractors completely remake, redesign and reconfigure your existing bathroom. A bathroom remodeling can involve altering the layout, style, and overall structure of your existing bathroom.

    In addition, a bathroom remodeling can also include refacing, replacing or adding: cabinets, sinks, vanities, lighting, flooring, showers, bath, storage, accessibility fixtures such as seated showers and grab bars, and other features such as heated flooring or towel warmers.

    Now, a bathroom renovation involves reviving, reworking and repairing your existing bathroom. You can view it as refreshing, updating and making your existing bathroom new again. A bathroom renovation can include a fresh coat of paint; refacing cabinets and countertops; installing new fixtures, lighting and/or flooring; and adding other features, appliances and storage solutions.

    For our bathroom remodeling contractors, a full bathroom remodel always starts with a comprehensive, in-home bathroom consultation. We take the time to fully inspect and measure your current bathroom. We also take the time to listen to all your needs, wants, style preferences, timeline concerns and of course your budget limits.

    Remodeling bathroom process

    We also want you to be completely informed and demystified about every step of your bathroom remodel. That way you can make the best decisions for your new bathroom because no work gets done without your complete approval. You’re the boss every step of the way.

    At ESE  Queens Bathroom Remodeling, our team is dedicated to making sure you actually enjoy and are excited about your complete bathroom remodel process. We’re always available to answer any questions you have. Remodel bathroom design using bathroom remodeling ideas is a true collaboration. We are partners and we want you to be confident that we’re the best partners you could have chosen.

    Our initial focus begins with the wet area of your existing bathroom. This area involves all aspects of your tub, shower and sink. Ensuring that work is complete, correct, and meets regulations in the wet area means you don’t have to worry about unwanted water coming into your new bathroom in the future.

    This is also where we look at if you want to keep your existing tub/shower setup. One of our most popular requests from our customers is to conduct a tub to shower conversion. We are also knowledgeable about making bathrooms more accessible for people with any mobility issues, injuries, and special needs.

    Full Bathroom Remodel

    As we mentioned above, a full bathroom remodel may also include new flooring; the installation of new countertops, cabinets, storage, shelving and/or a vanity; a new toilet and/or sink; new lighting, new mirrors, a new ventilation fan system and all the other fixtures you can think of. This is the time to get out that complete bathroom remodel wish list and we’ll make all the items on it a reality.  We would provide you with the complete bathroom remodeling cost estimate so you would know your bathroom remodel costs. Our bathroom remodeling services always stand by their work. Contact us today to get started on the bathroom you’ve always wanted.