Tub to Shower Conversion


    Having a bathroom remodel or bathroom renovation done in your home is a great way to increase your home’s value.

    But did you know you could also increase your home’s value with a tub to shower conversion? In addition, a conversion improves safety and accessibility, allows your bathroom to be multigenerational, and modernizes your bathroom.

    At ESE Queens Bathroom Remodeling, we are one of the top tub to shower conversion companies. And our bathroom contractors can’t wait to show you their hundreds of conversion ideas including the ability to convert a tub to a walk in shower.

    Our bathroom contractors can replace your old fashioned tub with a new and improved shower solution that fits your current and future needs. A tub to shower change is quickly becoming one of the most popularly requested upgrades

    we receive at ESE Queens Bathroom Remodeling. Our customers have shared with us that many of them want a tub to shower conversion because:

    We want to take some time to share with you just how we execute a tub to shower conversion:

    Naturally your next question is: How much would it cost to convert a tub to a shower? We always believe in being completely open and upfront with our customers especially when it comes to their budgets. We also take the time to thoroughly answer any questions you may have about our  conversion process.

    The tub to shower conversion cost can range from $1,200 to $8,000. On average most people spend around $3,000. The total cost of your shower conversion will depend on the following main factors: size, preferred materials, accessibility features such as a wider entryway, grab bars, shower seats and non-slip tiles, and any other upgraded fixtures.

    At ESE Queens Bathroom Remodeling we have worked with a variety of budgets over the years. We know we can work with your budget to have a gorgeous tub to shower conversion in your bathroom. We also want to reiterate that a tub to shower conversion is a fast and economical way to improve your bathroom and add overall value to your home. Our team can give you a tranquil, luxurious and customized shower setup that’s a fraction of the price of a fully renovated bathroom or remodeled bathroom.

    So contact our bathroom contractors today to schedule a free, comprehensive and no obligation tub to shower conversion consultation at your convenience. Not only can we make your bathroom more functional, accessible, and safe with a shower conversion, but we can also make your new shower stylish, sleek and sophisticated.