Small Bathroom Remodel


    At ESE Queens Bathroom Remodeling, we know that even a small bathroom remodel or a small bathroom renovation can be a lot to take on.

    But the good news is that our bathroom contractors have worked on hundreds of bathroom remodels and renovations from teeny tiny to extra large and every sized bathroom in between. Just because your bathroom lacks square footage, doesn’t mean our bathroom contractors don’t have hundreds of small bathroom remodel ideas and techniques to share with you.

    Our bathroom contractors have transformed plenty of petite bathrooms by offering the following services:

    So now that you know we can work miracles in your small bathroom, you are likely wondering what is the average cost of a small bathroom remodel?

    At ESE Queens Bathroom Remodeling we value being open and honest with each and every customer. We are especially open and frank when it comes to discussing your budget and coming up with an accurate estimate for your small bathroom remodel.

    The main deciding factors that will have an impact on your small bathroom remodel cost include the size of your existing bathroom, the improvements you wish to make, the addition of specialty features, and your design and material preferences.

    When determining your budget small bathroom remodel, we advise that you expect to spend an average of approximately $3000 on fixtures and about $100 per square foot for labor costs.

    Again we reiterate that our bathroom contractors have worked on hundreds of small bathroom remodels and renovations. To get you inspired for your small bathroom makeover, we wanted to pass along the following tips to get you thinking and inspired:

    Stick with a light color scheme for the overall space. Darker colors in a small space can make the room feel tighter and smaller. You want a fresh bathroom space, not a cave.

    But don’t forget the power of a splash of color. We recommend implementing colors and personality to your small bathroom through accessories such as bold-colored towels, a bath mat, and soap dispenser.

    You can make your small bathroom appear larger by visually, not literally, raising the bathroom ceiling. This effect can be achieved by replacing large crown molding with narrower crown molding and replacing ceiling fixtures that hang down with recessed lighting. 

    Unleash the power of reflectivity to get more light into your space to make it appear larger than it actually is. Think large mirrors and high-gloss fixtures. 

    Replace your current small bathroom door with a nonintrusive pocket door. 

    Keep your small bathroom stocked with only the essentials to gain space. Extra items like spare towels, cleaning supplies, additional toilet paper, and tissue boxes should be relocated to a nearby hall or bedroom closet if possible. Also consider purchasing items you regularly use that can attach to your wall, such as a makeup mirror, so you can free up some of your bathroom’s counter space. 

    Consider a tub to shower conversion.

    And please note, a small bathroom still needs proper ventilation for overall comfort and to reduce humidity that can damage paint, drywall and other parts of your small bathroom.

    Contact our bathroom contractors today to schedule a free, in-home small bathroom consultation. We have big ideas for your small bathroom.